Superyacht on a Mission

The Alucia’s mission to promote greater scientific knowledge of ocean life has taken her around the world in pursuit of a wide range of major research expeditions. By chartering her, you provide your research team with one of the most fully-equipped and skillful vessels in existence. (

Now this is a superyacht I could really get behind! I had a chance to visit her during her teardown and rebuild almost ten years ago, first in the Gulf of Mexico and then in Seattle. Had dinner with her then-owner and a number of the submersible techs. Incredible folks on an incredible mission.

alucia-yachtLess Monaco party barge or Port de Saint-Tropez dock queen, the crew of the M/V Alucia works with esteemed institutions such as National Geographic, Woods Hole and the American Museum of Natural History to pursue scientific knowledge of ocean life across the globe. If you have the backing, your team might just have a shot at one of the best-equipped scientific vessels that has ever been deployed.

From the exploration of deep sea hydrothermal vents to 4k aerial cinematography, Alucia is a platform for scientists, filmmakers, engineers, conservationists, oceanographers and team players on a mission to illuminate natural wonders and further our scientific understanding of the world’s Oceans.

In addition to supporting scuba and technical dive teams (complete with decompression chamber), she’s equipped with a helicopter pad and two submersibles – a Triton 3300/3 and Deep Rover 2, both of which are rated for a 3,000 foot max depth.


She’s studied bio-luminesnce in the Solomon Islands, sperm whale tagging in New Zealand, Manta Ray spotting in Raja Amapt and coral analyzing in Micronesia. Built in 1974 as a French submarine tender, she’s now owned by billionaire Ray Dalio. His nonprofit Dalio Foundation was formed to support science, marine exploration and conservation worldwide – and to look awesome doing it.

Perhaps coolest of all – she was the first ship to capture a living giant squid on camera.

Where is the Alucia now? Check out the VesselFinder embed below!

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