THE WRECKING CREW gets starred review from Publishers Weekly!

I am so excited to announce the Publishers Weekly has given The Wrecking Crew a starred review! Check it out below:

The Wrecking Crew

by Taylor Zajonc. Blank Slate Press, 2016

Fans of action-packed thrillers with nautical settings will be more than satisfied by Zajonc’s accomplished debut, which kicks off a promising series. A study of a major ecological hazard—a growing red tide infecting the Horn of Africa—ends in disaster over the Somali coast when a missile destroys a plane carrying a peaceful scientific expedition. Among the victims is Dr. Fatima Nassiri, whose only son, Hassan, also a doctor, decides to take extreme measures to recover her body. Hassan travels to Prison 14 of the Moroccan Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, located in the “largest nothingness on earth,” to extract inmate Jonah Blackwell, a highly accomplished marine diver who ran afoul of the authorities for criminal treasure salvage. Hassan persuades Jonah to help with the task of retrieving Fatima’s body by promising to provide him with a new identity that will give him a clean record and remove the shadow of Jonah’s father’s suspected treason. The writing is of a much higher quality than in most similar books. At one point, cynical Jonah observes, “Perhaps the long arc of the universe bent towards justice, but it bent further towards indifference.” (Publishers Weekly)

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