THE WRECKING CREW Final Cover: This is it!

So thrilled to reveal the final cover for THE WRECKING CREW, soon to be in bookstores and online retailers nationwide! This is it, folks!

Freed from a secret Moroccan prison, deep-water salvage diver Jonah Blackwell leads a high-stakes search for a missing research team in the pirate-infested waters of Somalia. When his expedition threatens the ambitions of billionaire Charles Bettencourt, Jonah must hijack a hostile submarine and unite former adversaries against a team of ruthless mercenaries. At the center of it all is a mysterious red tide that threatens the entire region–a plague that must be stopped at any cost.

Release date is February 23, 2016. THE WRECKING CREW is now available for presale through, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, IndiGo, and local bookstores!


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