Scripps Institute Finds Sunken WWII Helldiver

“It’s a great feeling to be involved in an effort that develops and applies new scientific and technical approaches to a problem of national interest, and that in some small way, our efforts may help bring closure to those who have lost loved ones.” – Eric Terrill, Scripps Oceanographer & Expedition Co-Leader


Last Monday Scripps Institute of Oceanography researchers announced the find of a USN Curtiss SB2C Helldiver in a lagoon within the Republic Palau. The aircraft, a carrier-based dive bomber, was believed lost with two men during Operation Stalemate II during the Marine landing on Peleliu. Other participants included the University of Delaware, the Coral Reef Research Foundation and the BentProp Project.

Curtiss_SB2C_colShould we expect more upcoming finds from Scripps? The team says yes; five other aircraft remain priority targets for the remainder of their 2015 expedition.

For more information, check out these great pieces by GoPro and CBS 60 Minutes.



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