Long Way Round

longwayround1What’s the most inspiring television show you’ve ever seen? For me, it was “Long Way Round,” a television miniseries featuring Ewan McGregor and his journey around the world by motorcycle. Beginning in the United Kingdom, he traveled across Europe, Asia and North America, covering thousands of miles of some of the most challenging and beautiful terrain in the world.

I admired many things about this series. Firstly, the focus it required–yes, Ewan McGregor is a wealthy and world-renowned actor. But his journey was ultimately an experience in perseverance. His fame and fortune could never save him from the incredible difficulty he faced at times–fatigue, mechanical problems, unforgiving terrain and political headaches.

Ultimately, the story of “Long Way Round” was deeply human. Wherever they went, no matter how far-flung their route, Ewan McGregor always met people who reached across the cultural divide and made a connection. It was beautiful and inspiring to see.

My favorite journeys–thought perhaps embarrassingly less challenging by comparison–always involved connections with others. Being in Iceland and hearing a local song about a happy cow. Visiting Paris and having dinner with one of Jacques Cousteau’s divers or hearing stories about the occupation. Going out drinking with a squadron of French navy pilots. Playing soccer with a young Masai boy in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Conversing at length with a guide on the Inca Trail. Listening. Connecting.

So what’s your journey?

Long Way Round is currently available on Netflix.com


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