Breaking – Greenpeace Stops Shell Oil at St. Johns Bridge, Portland

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Over a dozen Greenpeace protestors are suspended from the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon, blocking a Shell Oil arctic expedition and drilling vessel as it is scheduled to leave port today at 10am.

From my observation, the channel is completely blocked to all major shipping. In addition to being suspended from the bridge, the protestors are also connected to each other via long, drooping rope lines. No large ships will be able to safely pass. This also means that each individual protestor cannot likely be drawn up individually without imperiling the rest. They are well-supplied, many have climbing platforms, at least one has a hammock, as well as large bags likely holding food and water.

They are aided by a kayak flotilla, but that will likely be cleared away early on. The rappelling protestors, however, could potentially be up for days unless police and firefighting units devise a way to safely remove them. There is a police checkpoint on the bridge as well, designed to prevent additional protestors from congregating.

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