16 and Polar Bound

information_items_2803They must build teenagers a little different in Russia… while other 16-year-olds make plans for summer jobs and college, Alyona Belyaeva of the Urals is joining the Eight Youth Polar Expedition. The group of seven were chosen from a pool of scientifically-minded, athletic youngsters following an intensive training regimen where they skied for up to 60 miles a day.

After completing the last of the preparations, Alyona and her colleagues will fly northward and ski 70 miles of dangerous pack ice to the North Pole.

The biggest obstacle we might have is drift-ice and we might need to swim in our special hydro costumes at some point. I’m sure we’ll make it. All my friends and teachers are very happy for me. – Alyona Belyaeva

And what will she do when she reaches the North Pole? Play football, of course. (Siberian Times)

inside_alyona_costume inside_alyona_on_the_ground inside_alyona_skies inside_north_pole


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